Trish Metzner
Children Creating Mosaic

Trish Metzner-Lynch is a self-taught mosaic artist. Raised in “The City of Brotherly Love,” Trish maintains that art, particularly public art, strengthens our communities by appreciating and transforming shared space. A graduate of Temple University and Central High School in Philadelphia, she spent long hours on trains and buses witnessing the creation of many of murals that now characterize the Philly cityscape. It was then that she first recognized the power of art to narrate a neighborhood's story and to bridge cultural divides in ways other methods fall short.

Her mosaics are bold and unconventional, born of salvaged and recycled materials, as well as more traditional tiles and stained glass. “ I've always felt an inspirational ripple-effect in the presence of mosaic art, from micro-mosaics to murals. It stems from the idea that within many broken and seemingly incomplete pieces, something harmonious awaits. Making mosaics allows me to channel that same sense of contemplation and creative possibility, to carry on the tradition of transforming and exalting the everyday spaces we inhabit, be it a public park, a private patio, or an artistically-overlooked kitchen backsplash.